"Which one of your products would be best for my baby's dry skin?" This is one of the most common questions we receive from you Mamas out there! We decided to create a space here in our online home to share powerful tools for your family's wellbeing and the answers to your most important questions!

It is our mission and passion to help educate you on the different types of products available and their unique benefits!  We want you, as parents and guardians, to have the knowledge necessary to make the most educated choices for your children!

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Balm, Butter or Oil?

Seeing dry or peeling skin on newborns is common as the baby's delicate skin responds greatly to environmental variables! It is not always possible to address the issues before redness or a hot rash develops; therefore, we make it a priority and take it very personally when creating the right tools for our own as well as your precious little ones!


Baby Oil

TO MAINTAIN HEALTHY SKIN, PROVIDE NUTRIENTS & LIGHT MOISTURE - The best way to prevent skin dryness as well as maintain the baby's healthy skin is to moisturize it often, especially after washing.  Baby Oil is suitable for moisturizing right after a bath as the pores are open and readily receive the nutrients and minerals carried by the oil. Application of the oil is a wonderful defense mechanism against mentioned environmental variables! Baby Oil also makes for a wonderful post-bath or pre-bedtime soothing massage routine for your little ones! 

Our Wild Fennel & Chamomile Baby Massage Oil is created with our signature wild-harvested  fennel, paired with soothing organic chamomile to make an exceptional infusion that leaves the skin nurtured and soft without leaving greasy residue! 


Body Butter

FOR DEEPER HYDRATION & COMPROMISED SKIN - Butter is a perfect choice when the skin needs a little extra moisture! When the skin is already compromised and may be dry, red, flaky or peeling.  Butter typically melts on contact with skin and absorbs into the skin a little slower than baby oil.  Butter brings much deeper hydration to the dry skin and is a good choice when there is concern of breakage or roughness of the skin.

Our Wild Fennel & Chamomile Baby Butter is created with nutrient-dense oils & butters such as Calendula extract, which speeds up the healing process, and Chamomile Butter, to soothe and calm the skin. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin!



FOR EXTRA HEALING & A PROTECTIVE COATING - Balm is typically best to help soothe “hot spots” on the skin, such as inflammations and rashes. While great at moisturizing also, Balm creates more of a protective barrier, addressing the irritations and coating the skin much more than butter or oil does!


P.S. Balm is similar to Salve in benefits, but typically a little lighter in consistency! (We offer a Little Explorer's Salve for the "Bigger kids")

Our soothing, versatile Blue Chamomile Baby Balm is rich in minerals and vitamins essential for healthy skin.  The combination of herbs known to alleviate redness and hot spots include our favorite Chamomile German, which gives it a lovely natural scent and beautiful bluish hue.  Healing Calendula extract and Aloe Vera ensure the areas prone to rashes stay healthy and clean!

P.S. Our Blue Chamomile Baby Balm is a personal favorite for diaper rash!


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